Dowsing key 06: Healing the Gates of the Inner Temple




Dowsing Key 06

Healing the Gates of the Inner Temple

This Dowsing Key contemplates the importance of clearing 8 main gates to our Inner Temple which can be clogged with noxious energies from our ancestors, our own past lives, the history we have accumulated through our life experiences.

“Our Inner temple is the energetic and subtle structure that holds the Secret Chamber of our Heart, where resides the sacred flame, the Divine spark within us.This space is where the little “I” vanishes inmersed in the Truth our Being which radiates, silently, impersonally at our very core. This structure is guarded by a series of Gates who´s importance and ways to clear and keep clean are explained in this Dowsing Key ” Barbara Meneses

The work covers an in-depth analysis of each gate and provides a Dowsing Protocol at the end of the document to clear efficiently and effectively these crucial gates.

With the information in this Dowsing Key you will be able to understand each gate and its importance, become aware of the toxicity it may be holding and learn how to clear it in a full specialized session or else as part of your regular healing routine.


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A 90 pages in format A6 in PDF downloadable file.



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