Dowsing Sheet chart Preliminary practices


Dowsing sheet in PDF, A3 format and Ansi Format B, color. ENGLISH


Preliminary Practices Dowsing Sheet PDF


We have created this dowsing sheet to help our students and those who wish to dowse more safely by using this sheet and your questions to determine if we are in the optimal and ideal mode to conduct a dowsing session whenever we decide to perform it. This is what we call “preliminary practices” before beginning our sessions.

The dowsing sheet raises a series of crucial questions and provides a series of answers that we can test both with the pendulum and with any other biofeedback mechanism such as kinesiological muscle testing.

The sheet comes without instructions as the information is self-explanatory (we ask questions and get answers by selecting the options offered on the sheet).

With the information obtained, we are able to provide the preliminary care that we have detected as being necessary and / or essential before starting a session, so that we can do it in the safest way for us and with the highest accuracy level.

For this sheet to be effective, the person must provide the necessary care and perform the practices that have been tested as being essential before starting a session.

We can say that this sheet ensures that the therapist takes care of himself and does not neglect himself /herself energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally.



Dowsing sheet in PDF, A3 format and Ansi Format B, color. ENGLISH

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A Pura Presencia creation made with Love and conscious intention for the highest good of all.


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