Inmune system pendulum



Inmune system pendulum

Pendulum that contains a charge that emits the vibrations of herbs and solutions traditionally used to strengthen the immune system such as: Echinacea, cat’s claw, ginseng, maca, Padma-28, calendula, lemon balm, propolis and bee pollen.

The pendulum is used by giving it a soft but forceful touch on a wooden surface to activate its content. It is placed at the level of the recipient’s solar plexus. If the person needs this remedy, the pendulum will begin to rotate clockwise, proceeding to recharge the person’s energy field with the vibration of the pendulum until it stops. This way the person receives the exact doses they need.

Legal Notice:Dowsing tools are not substitutes for the medical care required by anyone who suspects they have a medical condition and that on these pages we strongly recommend that everyone put themselves in the hands of medical specialists. These pendulums only constitute a possible help at an energetic level.



  • Beech wood pendulum with words written “Inmune System”
    Measurements: 75mm high x 60mm wide.
  • Weight: 50 gr.
  • Material: Beech wood.

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Weight 81 g


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