Marine Phytoplancton Pendulum, Sacred Oceans


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Marine Phytoplancton Pendulum, Sacred Oceans

The Ocean represents the Great Mother, the great giver of Life for this green planet. Marine Phytoplancton is one of the most dense and rich super foods in the world. It sustains the oceans and their entire eco-system. It exists on Planet Earth since more than 3.5 billons of years and is the main source of all oxygen in the planet (provides 3 times more oxygen than all green forests of the Earth) ! Marine Phytoplancton is the food the wales eat. It is called the Mother´s milk of the Ocean for its all life supporting nutritients. Pure Life and literally pure light pours from these unicelular plants filled with luminous and positive uplifting energies.

We were originally born from the Oceans. Our human plasma is highly similar to Sea Water. The micronutrients and electrolytes in marine phytoplankton are exactly what human cell membranes need to carry out their metabolism. This super food is highly assimilated by our digestive system and even when we have impaired organs or weaknesses such as in the Liver, the beneficial properties of Phytoplancton travel as quick as the speed of light to nourish our cells in depth. Like a great Cosmic or Oceanic Mother fulfilling our needs. It provides a great support in cases of ilnesses and convalescence.

 Properties and benefits of Marine Phytoplancton:

-400 times more  nutritient than any vegetable.

-One of the richest and densest super foods.

-Anti-radiation properties

-Powerful detoxifier

-Inmune system booster

-Great Brain food and cognitive function supporter. Helps clear our minds quickly removing all fogs. Boosts mental alertness. Helps in cases of ADHD, parkinson´s and dementia. Improves memory. Great for students in periods of exams and intense study.

-Helps renew and purify our inner waters both physically and metaphorically (emotions, unconscious).

-Great anti-cancer properties

-Can promote weightloss when overeating is due to poor nutrition.

-Super alkaliser (a ph of 8.5)

-Heart protector and promoter due to the high level of anti-oxidants

-Reduces anxiety

-Great energy booster. Rich in nucleotids cellular energy units that act like energetic batteries recharding our cells.

-Cellular regeneration


-Pain relief, anti-inflamatory

-Helps control hypothyroidism

-Much more properties, check it out on the internet. There are many scientific researches on the many benefits of Phytoplankton.

-Connection to the Oceans of the earth on a shamanic level, for healing, receiving information.

-Connection to Our Unconscious, for soul work, shadow work, bringing ancient memories to the surface for healing.

-Deep emotional support and healing through the Ocean´s of Life.

-Healing of our relation to our Mothers, The Divine Mother.

How to use this Pendulum:

Like any other of our pendulums we can transmit its vibrations through our solar plexus by swinging the pendulum in a clockwise motion over this chakra. Like a mouth, our solar plexus will receive the most beneficial vibrations of this pendulum and transmit it to other parts of our body-mind system. Once the pendulum stops its swinging motion naturally, we have received all we needed at this present moment from this pendulum. We anchor and seal the process so that the energies are not dispersed through our room but rather remain contained within our solar plexus.

More profound ways of working with this pendulum:

We can access the Ocean´s akashic records, their memories, and vibrations for healing, inner knowing , shadow work, Unconscious work. We can work with the receptive nature of the marine waters to help us gain greater fluidity.

Let yourself grow with this pendulum, let it reveal to you its secrets, through practice, dedication and love.

Disclaimer: pendulums are NOT SUBSTITUTES to proper medical care shall you suffer a clinical condition.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: Wood

Size: 25mm

Weight: 30 grams

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