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The Open Paths pendulum

An original idea of Pura Presencia manufactured by BAJ

We have created this pendulum with the specific intention of helping us Open beneficial Paths and Doors that help us move towards achieving our best life goals and objectives.

Everything in life can be considered as a process and therefore, as a path, a path, a journey through which we set an objective, an intention and we travel along the path until it is achieved or until we exhaust that desire and change the objective. .

On every path we can encounter blockages, detours, distractions, temptations. We can find confusion, clarity, events and situations that challenge us, make us grow and activate our gifts, talents, abilities.

The Open Paths pendulum will help us expand our horizons and conquer new internal and external territories in relation to our vital objectives.

It can also help us when we find ourselves at crossroads along the way, illuminating the path that is most beneficial for our greatest good.

These objectives and paths can be:

  • The path of our daily life
  • The road of life
  • The path of prosperity
  • The way of love
  • The path of personal growth and development
  • The spiritual path
  • The path of self-knowledge
  • The path of expansion of consciousness
  • The way back home, to the Fountain
  • The path of old age
  • The path of maturity
  • The professional path
  • The path of health
  • The path of joy, celebration
  • The path of intuition
  • The path of self-esteem
  • The path of relationships
  • The path of creativity
  • The path of mission or vital purpose
  • Etc. Use your intuition… there are many paths, such as dance, music, helping others 🙂


→ The pendulum can help us open paths, beneficial doors and clean, purify, revitalize, energize, enhance our walk along that vital journey.

→ The pendulum can help us eliminate blockages, resistance, sabotage, self-sabotage that we have or get in the way and help enhance, purify, energize our walk and our transition along the paths we travel in our lives.


The pendulum is offered with a basic manual in PDF English, 26 pages which is not a course in Dowsing and offers basic information on the pendulum´s characteristics, care and cleanse, ideas on how to use it.





  • Beech wood pendulum
  • Basic Manual PDF English A6 format pages: 26
  • Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its new owner (leave us name and surname, date of birth in the Notes section when making the purchase)



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