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Pachamama Pendulum

The New Earth pendulum

The Pachamama pendulum is a Dowsing tool dedicated to Mother Earth and designed with great love by Baj Pendulos Spain and manufactured by BAJ. The pendulum has a real vocational service assisting Lightworkers in their mission to relief the pain of the Earth and all her kingdoms, animal, mineral, plant.

It was Mother Earth Herself who asked us to make this pendulum.It has been created with profound love, respect and reverence to this special Being who has generously allowed us to share with her this life experience”,Barbara Meneses.The Pachamama Pendulum Manual

The pendulum has 2 main areas of work:

1- To help Mother Earth in her process of transformation, relief the energy in areas where they are more dense or blocked, where there might be geopathic, technopathic stress or else trauma from human/animal/plant suffering.

2- To help humans, animals, plants, spaces harmonize themselves to the Earth and the earth element balancing and harmonizing the elemental forces.

Pendulum properties

  • By the shape: the pendulum is an Osiris head which is a classical radiesthetic shape used by BAJ for therapeutic pendulums with a charge inside as it uses Negative Green as a carrier wave of information.
  • By the charge: the pendulum has a charge of Pure Centering Vibration which connects to Source, transmits the highest form of spiritual gold. It also has a charge of etherium, monoatomic minerals including Gold, and other ingredients such as white sandalwood and Idaho blue spruce.
  • By the radiesthetic color: the pendulum has the main radiesthetic color of White, with sub-bands of negative green and Ultraviolet
  • By the energetic and spiritual charge: the pendulum connects to Pachamama, Mother Earth and the Spirit guardians of the Earth, the Devas, the spirit of the directions (north, south, east, west, above, below, within) as well as the medicine of plants,  flowers and the most benevolent radiations of the Earth and New Earth, the one emerging through the global awakening process. The pendulum is also connected to the Cosmic Mother as the higher aspect of Mother Earth which holds the multidimensional connection of the planet.

Possible uses of the pendulum:

  • To ground ourselves, better connect to the Earth, re-establish our telluric magnetic connection balancing our Yin and Yang forces.
  • To relieve the suffering of the Earth in areas where there is an accumulation of dense and toxic energies in areas where its inhabitants have lost their natural connection to the land, the earth
  • Relief human, animal, vegetal suffering through pendulum healing work
  • help restore the balance between the elemental forces of: water air, fire, earth and metal, within us, within our living spaces within our animal friends.
  • Help remove heavy dense energies on the land due to black magic and other forms of ritual abuse.
  • Support the Earth in her evolution to the New Earth as a a higher octave expression of herself.




Disclaimer: Pendulums are not Medical tools nor Dowsing substitutes proper medical care.


Wooden pendulum hand painted (allow imperfections)

Pachamama Pendulum Manual in PDF 55 pages

Free Manual Therapeutical Pendulums Baj Pendulos Spain in PDF

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