Pain Killer pendulum



Pain killer pendulum

A BAJ pendulum, here is what BAJ lab writes:

“The “Analgesic” pendulum is symptomatic. Often, persistent, undiagnosed pain is our undesirable companion in everyday life. Systematic and long-term oral intake of painkillers can immunize the body and put a heavy burden on the liver and stomach.

The “Analgesic” pendulum has been constructed in such a way as to transmit healing vibrations of not one specific product, but a whole range of substances used to fight pain. Thanks to this, it is possible to perfectly support this process at the energy level. The pendulum emits the energy of most modern day pain killers.

The Pain Killer Pendulum as an “Analgesic” energetic support, sends and strengthens the vibrations of medicinal substances in such a way that they are best absorbed by the body.


Legal Notice: Dowsing does not substitute proper medical care shall you suffer a clinical condition



Beech Wood pendulum in the shape of an Osiris head, a Vibratory radiesthesia tool to transmit the radiations inside the pendulum

A PDF Basic Manual for pendulums with a filling, courtey of Baj Pendulos Spain. English (does not substitute proper training in Dowsing and Vibratory Radiesthesia, see our Online level 1 course).


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