The Collective Pulse dowsing chart


PDF document 4 pages, in English


The Collective Pulse dowsing sheet of charts

(4 pages with charts in PDF, English with basic instructions for the quadrants)

We begin what we hope to be a new line of Dowsing research exploring areas of society and the Collective (that is Humanity overall). With this sheet we intend to help those who analyze the “pulse” of a specific collective group, whether global human collectivity, or other more specific collectivities such as towns, nations, societies, other groups, etc.

We understand by “the pulse” of the collective a series of barometers that allow us to analyze its current general state based on different elements of testing or investigation and that are included in the sheet we offer.

Among the values that we can analyze are phases and cycles of growth of society, options that contemplate political, economic, social situations, tension meters, analysis of possible responses of the community in the face of the different tensions it experiences,  a risk evaluation, measurements by ages, ideologies , personal economic situation etc. Among the options there are also elements of a spiritual, energetic-subtle approach.

Possible use of the Dowsing sheet of charts:

  • May help us understand better the society where we live or the collective of the place where we plan to move to live, to work etc.
  • May help us discover the areas of tension experienced by the analyzed community
  • May help us understand how to manage the tension that affects the analyzed group
  • May guide us regarding the behavior forecasts of a group, collective
  • May help us discover the sub-groups most affected by the situation that the collective lives in
  • May help us make personal, entrepreneurial or family decisions regarding moving, migrating, changing residence, activity, etc.
  • May help us as dowsers involved in altruistic or Lightwork assistance to Humanity, creating group sessions in support of the collective
  • May  help us in sessions with other people to better understand the collective that forms part of them and the current challenges that they present
  • Others: the sky is the limit regarding the different uses that we can give to this sheet always focused on groups, collectives and its impact on others and the rest of the group’s members.

With the information obtained, if we were professionals committed to social well-being, coming from different professions (artists, creatives, writers, economists, politicians, sociologists, etc.) we could better serve the collective, create suitable services, adapted to the type of community and their real needs based on measured values that reflect the tensions and challenges they experience. Therefore, we would be more in tune with the real and current Pulse of the group and not alienated from the needs the group, creating obsolete, ineffective, measures of no real general interest.


The dowsing sheet is accompanied by a 14-page A4 PDF document where we briefly explain each of the quadrants included in the sheet to help us better understand the results we obtain when analyzing a collective.

We understand that the instructions are not a course in radiesthesia and that the person who acquires this slide has enough knowledge to know what to do with the slide, basically ask questions, use the slide to get answers. If you use this blade to carry out group harmonizations, this means that in this document we do not teach you how to carry out such sessions.


Dowsing sheet recommended to:

We recommend this document for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK







  • Quadruple (4 pages) Dowsing sheet of charts, in PDF English in printing formats A3 and ANSI Format B
  • Basic instructions on how to read the charts with explanations on each quadrant, document in PDF, English



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