The Crown Chakra manual, Sahasrara



The Seventh chakra manual, Sahasrara + Dowsing sheet chart in English

This is the last manual in the collection of manuals for the seven main chakras. In this manual we address the dynamics that affect the crown chakra, the Sahasrara or the chakra of the 100 petals, an energy center that we find above the top of the head.

The crown chakra involves our superior connections, access to information from Source, Universal energy, the Supra Conscious. It is a center that reflects and evokes our current level of evolution at the level of consciousness. The halo that we observe in the images related to the saints indicates manifestations that can be observed clairvoyantly in those who have reached states of holiness, beatitude and illumination in any of the spiritual or wisdom traditions of the world.

But also at a purely bioenergetic level, the crown chakra is the great center of measurement and analysis of the cosmo-telluric balance, in this case the analysis corresponding to the electrical energy (Yang) of our system, compared to the root chakra, which is the responsible at the level of measurements of the telluric, magnetic analysis corresponding to the Yin energy of our organism.

In the manual and thanks to a profile of the crown chakra of the client or of us if we carry out self-treatments, we analyze in more than 45 questions the most important dynamics that we can find in an exploration of the blockages and challenges affecting this center.

Thanks to the PDF sheet and the protocol we will be able to help ourselves and/or others to address the solutions that help us to harmonize this center.

Who is this Manual for?

In our typology, we understand that this manual is aimed at people with an intermediate, intermediate-advanced experience in dowsing. You can read more about this classification in this LINK.







  • Manual in PDF English A6 format pages 70
  • Dowing sheet chart in PDF, English formats A3 and Ansi format B




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