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 Cellular Memories Pendulum by Pura Presencia

(NO manual included as we have a specific manual in our Manual sections)

We have created this pendulum to help on an energetic and spiritual level those people who address the concept of cellular memories in their dowsing sessions.

The cells of living organisms contain information that helps them in their processes and functions. This information is not only purely biological, but at a subtle level, the presence of information resulting from ancestral, transgenerational baggage or from the species to which these cells belong can be detected. We are talking about humans but also about animals, plants and those forms of life that contain cellular units.

The Cellular Memories pendulum does not come with an instruction manual because we have created a Manual with dowsing protocol and dowsing sheet in PDF where we address the work that can be done at an energetic level with cellular memories.

If you don’t want to purchase that manual, simply work with this pendulum as you know based on your dowsing training or your intuition.

For those who want to get more out of the pendulum, we recommend this manual that you can find in the Manuals section on our page.

Pendulum features:

  • By its shape: the shape of the pendulum is that of a classic Mermet pendulum, with the ability to radiate and focus energy.
  • By its internal content: the pendulum contains an internal load of more than 15 ingredients specifically selected to help us work with cellular memories. Among the vibrations present due to its load of physical remedies is the Pure Central Vibration that emits spiritual gold, helps us center ourselves, align ourselves and raise our vibratory frequency and that of the cells.
  • Due to the intention: the pendulum has been created to help us work on all issues related to cellular memories and the information contained in these memories
  • Due to its radiesthetic color: due to the shape of the pendulum, it emits the white dowsing color, due to its content we will find different dowsing colors, including Positive Green, a very harmonizing radiation for representing the radiation of nature when in full health and vitality.

Pendulum possibilities

With the Cellular memories pendulum you may be able to:

  • Communicate with the cells of your body bioenergetically (receive info,and transmit information, such as a wave of peace, joy, harmony, positive values to assist them)
  • Transmit the radiation of the pendulum created to help the cells and provide assistance to the information they carry, clearing dense, corrupt, obsolete information through the vibration of the pendulum and tailored dowsing commands.
  • Help the body elemental of our physical vessel by means of the assistance we can provide energetically and spiritually to the cells of our body (and animals, plants living organisms).
  • Use your intuition for further uses.


Attunement to the Pendulum  

If you wish, we can attune the pendulum to its future owner. Write us your name, two surnames, date of birth in the NOTES section as you place the order. We are usually quick to send orders, if you do not tell us anything, we understand that you do not want the tuned pendulum.

Legal Notice: Radiesthesia does not replace the medical care required by those who suffer from a clinical condition.


We have created a manual with a dowsing protocol and a Spanish PDF sheet for those who wish to deepen their work with this pendulum. You will find it in this LINK.








(No manual with this pendulum,it can be purchased separatedly HERE)

  • Beech wood pendulum with engraving
  • Measurements approx: 7cm height, 6cm width and 45 grams weight.
  • Possibility to atune the pendulum to its user, write us in NOTES when making the purchase the name, surnames, date of birth of its future owner. If you don’t we will send it without atuning it.


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