Dowsing Cellular Memories Manual


Manual and Dowsing Sheet chart PDF, English


Manual and dowsing sheet Cellular Memories, English PDF

The information contained in the cellular memories of our body can carry the weight of a lot of toxicity, erroneous, incomplete, corrupted and obsolete information both on a physical level and on an energetic and spiritual level.

At an energetic level, our cells can reflect ancestral, transgenerational and even past life information. This information can limit the person’s potential for expansion and growth. Analyzing these questions can help not only to free ourselves from past repetitive patterns but to allow the cells themselves to recover their true essence on a spiritual level, thus contributing to our full flourishing as beings of pure Light.

We have created this manual with a protocol of dowsing work to address these issues in energetic (non-medical) sessions, vibrationally attending to the cells and the memories they contain.

The manual is made up of basic information at an energetic and spiritual level about cellular memories, a dowsing work protocol with a client profile with relevant questions and proposals for dowsing solutions to be offered in the sessions that are carried out.

Dowsing sheet chart

The manual comes with a Dowsing sheet chart in PDF in A3 and Ansi Format B to help us navigate through the Dowsing protocol and the Appendix of the manual where we will find more information that will help us in the sessions regarding the content of the cellular memories.

Pendulum recommended for this Manual

We have created a Cellular Memories Pendulum precisely to work with this manual.

You can also test from your collection which of your pendulums will be able to serve you in the specific sessions that you carry out.




wow Barbara I just read the Cellular Memories manual and CONGRATULATIONS BECAUSE IT IS SUPER GOOD!! SUPER CLEAR AND TO THE Point!! Wow… the commands!! I can’t stop yawning and my whole body has been moved, strange pains that came and went when I read you the commands and at the end more relaxation has appeared in my whole body, a mental fog that I had has disappeared and the pains that were appearing, they have all gone and I know that I am still letting go and allowing processes to take place… WOW For you, you will tell me that the commands are nothing out of the ordinary, but I assure you that they do have a lot of power! CONGRATULATIONS!!




  • Manual in PDF format A6 pages 66, English
  • Dowsing sheet PDF English formats A3 and Ansi Format B
  • Copy for a single buyer, thank you for your integrity.



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