Double Dowsing Sheet Essential Oils (pdf)


Double Dowsing Sheet chart Essential Oils in PDF ENGLISH


Empowered Double Dowsing sheet ESSENTIAL OILS in PDF (ENGLISH)

Very useful Dowsing double sheet with the MAIN essential oils with which we work bioenergetically in Dowsing sessions or to carry out combinations, mixtures in other types of energy based therapies.

This is an enhanced and empowered Dowsing sheet. The purest vibratory essence of each essential oil has been impregnated at a subtle energetic level in the sheet in order to be able to make impregnations from it. (Those who know how to do it, see Level 1 Course on Mental Dowsing, Vibrating and Pendulum healing Online Course

Those who do not know how to impregnate can use this sheet like any other sheet in order to select essential oils, base oils and butters and discover the different doses, ways of administering the oils in the context of their energy therapy or healing modality.

Through this sheet we can:

  • Select essential oils
  • Select oil bases, establish ideal combinations for mixes
  • Determine dosage, drops
  • Determine form of administration
  • Determine treatment duration
  • Neutralize negative waves of our oils (oil vials or bottles that you have in your collection)
  • Enhance (potentise) essential oils, blends, processed-prepared
  • Transmit by teleradiesthesia through simple radionics the properties of oils and mixtures at a distance

The double sheet Dowsing document comes with a basic instruction manual to understand each of the elements of the sheets WITHOUT it being a substitute for the necessary training in Dowsing and / or essential oils that those who work with them should have.

WARNING: whoever uses essential oils must know their properties and contraindications for certain groups such as children, the elderly,pregnant women, people with epilepsy and other conditions. The physical administration by contact with the skin of some essential oils without the due information and precaution can be dangerous because some oils are abrasive like Oregano. Use your common sense!

Legal notice: Dowsing and the use of Dowsing sheets are NOT a substitute for medical care required by anyone who has or suspects to have a clinical condition.


Double Dowsing Sheet in PDF full color in ENGLISH  (FORMAT ANSI B and A3)

COPY for printing for the buyer ONLY.

Instructions on how to navigate the Double Sheet, in PDF ENGLISH


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