Mindsets dowsing chart


Dowsing sheet of charts in PDF, English


Mindsets Dowsing chart (PDF, English 3 pages)

Dowsing sheet with quadrants that will allow us to analyze the type of mental focus that we have (we or our clients), its vibratory quality and the causes and consequences of holding them, as well as their effects in the areas of our life where they have a greater impact.

This sheet can be used by conscious practitioners of the LAW OF ATTRACTION when they wish to discover the types of mental focus that best guide them towards achieving their goals, aspirations, desires. It can also help them discover where their clients are stuck, that is, on what limiting approach.

It can also be useful for any dowser who works with people and goals, challenges, since  the mental focus we hold is crucial when it comes to being successful in what we set out to do, from the objectives related to health, our relationships, spiritual growth, work, career, creativity, etc.

The sheet can help us create dowsing sessions aimed at helping the person change focus, become aware of the limitations that their mental processes can cause and change the way they perceive.


The dowsing sheet is accompanied by a 6-page A4 PDF document where we briefly explain each of the quadrants included in the sheet to help us better understand the results we obtain when analyzing a collective.

We understand that the instructions are not a course in dowsing and that the person who acquires this document has enough knowledge to know what to do with the charts, basically ask questions, obtain answers and tailor their sessions in accordance.


Dowsing sheet recommended to:

We recommend this document for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK








  • Triple Dowsing chart in PDF, English formats A3 and ANSI Format B. (3 pages)
  • Basic instructions in PDF, English format A4, (6 pages)


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