Muladhara the root chakra manual


Manual and Dowsing sheet Chart PDF English


Muladhara the root chakra Manual + Dowsing sheet chart PDF,  English

The root chakra is an essential energy vortex for both therapists and people who want to open up to develop their energy field. This center is the foundational chakra that lays the foundation for the entire chakra system that shapes the subtle anatomy of people, animals, and even the Earth, following the Vedic tradition of India.

In this first manual we address what we hope will be a series where we will analyze the main chakras as well as their dynamics, the specific imbalances they may present and the states of consciousness corresponding to each one of them.

The Manual describes different parameters connected to the root chakra, such as the psychology of this energy center, the bioenergetics of the root chakra, the main blockages and imbalances and elements associated with this subtle center at the base of the spine.

Likewise, the Manual offers in its protocol a profile of the client’s root chakra with more than 60 questions that will allow us to prepare a very complete report on this center and the possible dynamics that affect it.

The dowsing protocol will help us guide our energy work session with the pendulums to help our clients, or ourselves, to harmonize this vortex of energy that is so essential for the entire chakra system of the person.


Dowsing sheet

The Manual is accompanied by a dowsing sheet in PDF in English, in A3 format and Ansi format B that will help us navigate through the different research parameters proposed in the manual.

With all this, we can carry out specific sessions to work with the root chakra, or integrate the work proposed in this manual in the context of general sessions carried out by bioenergetic therapists or dowsing practitioners who work with themselves personally (not necessarily as therapists).


We have created the Root Chakra Pendulum to work specifically with this Manual. Likewise, the dowser can work with those pendulums that he or she tests are suitable in his or her collection of pendulums to tackle the work proposed in this manual.





  • Manual in PDF,English format A6 pages 78
  • Dowsing sheet chart PDF, English formats A3 and Ansi format B



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