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Bioenergetic session Name harmonization

(for personal names only, please enquire for businesses, projects, companies)

A name can be a prison or a platform of elevation for our current incarnation“, Barbara Meneses

There are people who have a greater affinity with the name they carry and this can be a burden when it comes to living life and manifesting each person’s gifts and talents. Through the name of the person we can detect areas of imbalance that can be harmonized in a bioenergetic session.

Through this session of 1 hour to 1.5 hours in the distance, we propose to analyze the personal name of the person and discover areas of conflict, blockages, resistances, limitations that form imprints on their being, whether as part of their transgenerational or karmic baggage, as part of his history and personal journey.

We will work with our entire battery of protocols, solutions and bioenergetic remedies, especially with the Lecher Antenna.


Purpose of the session:

  • Clear the name of the person and through that free them from burdens
  • Facilitate the removal of blockages, resistances, imprints detected on your behalf
  • Harmonize the person’s name with the person themselves.
  • Revitalize, recharge the person’s name with the luminous vibrations most necessary at this time for the person’s greatest good.
  • Possibility of discovering information that helps better understand the person’s gifts, talents, and perhaps life purpose when it is clearly reflected in the name.


What to expect from the session?

We do not promise miracles, but normally a person with burdens in her name should experience greater lightness, a greater connection to his/her true essence, an opening of life pathways, and access higher levels of Light.

Each person is different when it comes to feeling the effects of sessions that are already subtle. Likewise, their integration times may vary between people, ranging from several days, weeks or months.



In this session a series of tasks can be facilitated to help the person in areas of their life where imbalances have manifested in their name. To do this, if you have an area where you need extra support, tell us in the NOTES section when making the purchase and we will verify by taking measurements where the imbalance is reflected in your name.



The session can shed new information or add a new perspective on the person, their gifts, talents, main challenges, the levels of burden they support as well as possible information regarding their destiny/life purpose.





  • Bioenergetic session at a distance of 1h to 1.5h held on the closest and most suitable date for the person
  • We need full name, date of birth and recent photo of the person alone without other people or animals. Tell us if you have the same name as a family member and which family member is in which branch (Paternal/Maternal). Also tell us if you are adopted or situated and/or your parents have changed their name. You can write to us in the shopping cart through the NOTES section.
  • We need you to send us a photo of your handwriting writing your full name. It doesn’t have to be your way of signing, just write your full name and surname.
  • If you know this detail: who named you and do you know why this name?
  • Results will be provided after the session via email with a PDF and audio recording. Strict confidentiality
  • Who is your facilitator for this session



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