Rigpa set of Labels


Set 64 physical labels+Manual and Dowsing chart in PDF English


Rigpa set of labels for Metutelet, Hebrew type pendulum

(64 physical labels + PDF Manual and PDF Dowsing chart in English)


The Rigpa is one of a greatest sets of labels in terms of working with the Mind to help alleviate from a dowsing and bioenergetic perspective the human mental suffering. Rigpa is a buddhist concept taught in Dogchen practices referring to the christalline, pristine nature of the mind once it has disentangled from all aversions, attractions, attachments which ultimately cause most of our mental tensions, blockages and traumas.

This set is very rich in meaning and capacity. Those who have used it have found it brings profound support in helping release tensions, and other issues related to the mind, not only as a result of our own doings, but also external influences affecting us.


The set comes with a PDF manual in english with information on the meaning of each label, inspiring the dowser on how to use each label during his sessions.

Dowsing sheet

The set also comes with a dowsing sheet with a chart in PDF english to help us select the labels we need in our session, which also acts as a diagnosing tool.


The River Flow set has been created to work with Hebrew pendulums, also called Metutelet. We have created our own special version of the Metutelet pendulum which you can find HERE.

Pendulum sold separatedly




We consider the ideal practitioner (Dowser) to use this set is an intermediate to advanced practitionner, someone who is familiar with the Metutelet Hebrew pendulum and knows how to perform a dowsing session safely and effectively for a client or in self treatments.

Learn more about our practitionner´s levels for the purpose of better choosing among our tools and offerings HERE.







  • 64 Physical labels made in a special cloth measurements per label aprox: 10,3cm long by 4,5cm wide
  • PDF Manual in English format A6, pages 73
  • PDF Dowsing sheet chart in A3 and Ansi B format, in English




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Weight 100 g


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