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Roses Pendulum, Purity and Grace

This is one of our favourite pendulums, developped by Baj Pendulos Spain. The process of creation was very very special. This pendulum holds the vibrations of 13 varieties of roses, including the precious Rose Otto from Bulgaria. The Rose is considered the Queen of flowers. She represents Perfection, Purity and Grace like no other. She is an instant heart opener. She holds the vibrations of the Divine Feminine. Mother Mary is portrayed very often surrounded by roses. She is called the Mystic Rose. The rosacrucians use the symbol of the Rose to represent the human soul once it has freed himself from “crucifixion” releasing the entanglements of dense matter. Roses were first grown in Persia and later travelled with the crusaders into Europe and other areas of the world. There is a rich symbology for roses. They are great protections to our auras and can cleanse and purify our energy fields like nothing else. Just contemplating or feeling the energies of roses uplift inmensely our own energy field as we tune into the high frequency of roses. They are said to resonate at the highest level where no other flower can reach: 320 hertz.

In ancient times, roses were used for their antibacterial properties, healing from infections and more severe conditions. Their petals where used in sacred ceremonies and also cooking (the Prophet Nostradamus has a recipe book of Rose mermelade!). The process of creation of this pendulum was VERY SPECIAL. The high energies of all Roses and the Divine Femenine merged to create the filling of this pendulum. We had all of you in mind when creating it, with the intention to serve your highest good and the highest good of all concerned. It was indeed a beautiful alchemical moment.

Just like the Orquids Pendulum, the Roses Pendulum allows us to draw from each flower the exact properties we require either alone or in combination  with other flowers working sinergetically to support us. Each person will draw from the pendulum whatever they need in the most appropiate dose.

The Roses Pendulum  carries also the Pure Centering Vibration (PCV) which helps us root ourselves to the Earth and open our connection to the Heavens, align ourselves on our central axis and open up to our multidimensional self. A secret ingredient has been added to the pendulum to enhance this PCV and strengthen the exquisit frequencies of the roses.

Roses bring forth Divine Love, Purity, Grace, Sacredness, spiritual upliftment, auric protection and purification. Among the other properties found in the Roses Pendulum we can highline the following:

-On a physical level roses supports the digestive system, tonic for the liver, relieve pre-menstrual and menstrual difficulties, relieve sinus congestion, mouth wounds, eye infections, supports in cases of hay fever, supports our brain and cognitive functions, great antidepressant, strengthens the cardiac system, the nervous system, rich source of Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, skin protector and rejuvenation, supports female organs and helps increase our fertility.

-On an energy level, roses resonate with the 5 pointed star, the human energy field. They act as great purifiers of our aura and can provide one of the greatest protections. The roses help us transmute very heavy and dense energies very quickly.

-Emotionally and spiritually: roses help us connect to Divine Love and Divine Grace, they uplift our Spirit, healing our emotional wounds and helping us open our hearts like nothing else. They help us connect with the Divine Femenine and heale our wounds with our Mothers, our femenine lineage, our connection to the earth and our own femenine side (whether we are male or female). It will help men work with their Anima. Provides great spiritual strength when going through difficult times such as dark nights of the soul, life changes, transitions. Provides great help in cases of grief and loss. Helps us transition into new beginings with ease and grace. Helps us accept ourselves just as we are and be able to see our own beauty as we are. This open the gates for abundance, prosperity and greater opportunities, as we allow ourselves to be just as we are, magnificents!. Great help for those feeling abandonned, isolated, in despair.

-Helps us access the Cosmic Mother, the Divine Mother the highest representation of the Divine femenine and all the femenine arquetypes.

-Helps us connect with our inner child and bring healing to this very special relation.

-In space clearing:  roses are incredible helpers when clearing spaces lifting the vibration of any space.

-Mentally: helps us remove mental blockages and rigid thinking patterns that holds us back, replacing these energies with joy, happiness, uplifting energies and frequencies.

How to use it:

A simple yet very effective way is to knock gently the pendulum on a wooden surface, this will activate its charge and let it move clockwise over our solar plexus until it stops naturally all motion. Once we feel the process has finished, we anchor and seal the process with a hand gesture as if we “close” the solar plexus (imagine the solar plexus is a mouth that can digest the vibrations emitted by the pendulum. Once we finish the process we close the mouth of the solar plexus so that the energies do not dissipate through the room and we fully absorb them).

More advanced uses of this pendulum:

 You can connect more consciously with each and every one of the properties described in this pendulum and much more. We are all growing with these pendulums learning new properties each day by using them, by practicing and by putting ourselves in service to the Highest Good of All.

For example we can connect with the Divine Feminine and work with our different femenine arquetypes with this pendulum.

We can call forth the powers of Grace, Purity, Auric protection, aura cleansing and let the pendulum work while holding these specific intentions.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: Wood

Heigth: 75mm

Weight: 50 grams.


Additional information

Weight 50 g


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