The Moon pendulum


Pendulum+Manual in PDF English


(The Moon pendulum + PDF Manual in English)


Created by a Cancerian with the moon in Gemini in the 9th house, during the full moon of Gemini 🙂

The Moon pendulum has been created with different intentions. The Moon is an astral force and a powerful archetype in our Psyche that refers to our subconscious, the world of dreams and also our feminine aspect, whether we are men or women. There is a strong association between the Moon, the water element, emotions and the receptivity of the Yin nature that we find in everything in life.

When our moon is out of harmony on all these levels, we perceive reality in a distorted way. In Kabbalah, I perceive that the sefira of Yesod is a mirror that can reflect the truth of the Soul or on the contrary completely distort our vision and consequently the way in which we manifest our reality based on that astral and soulic information that filters into our life.

The purpose of this pendulum is to work with everything described above so that we can be as harmonized as possible with the essential truth and manifest the best in our lives with our magnetic, receptive and Yin power.


The Moon pendulum´s characteristics:

  • Because of its shape: in essence it is a Simplified Universal pendulum with a battery inside. In this case it differs from the classic Simplified Universal pendulum in the internal charge of remedies.
  • By virtue of its internal charge of remedies: physical and energetic ingredients that allow us to harmonize the aspects described above. It contains Pure Centering Vibration, which emits spiritual Gold, centers us, aligns us on our axis and enhances our connection with the Source, the One.
  • By its intention when creating it: the intention in the creation of this pendulum is to help us harmonize our feminine aspect, Yin energy, the Lunar force both at the astral, soul and symbolic level in our Psyche, as well as help us to move through the life cycles associated with the symbolism of the moon.
  • By the positions of the cord: the different colored beads correspond to the radiesthetic colors, in this case they are higher octaves of the classic colors and allow us to specifically nourish the different areas of our energy field that require a specific contribution when it comes to harmonizing ourselves at the lunar level. In the manual there are specific explanations about each specific radiation of this pendulum as far as we have discovered it and we will discover it more as we use it and give it an opportunity to surprise us with its wealth of possibilities.



The Moon pendulum comes with a basic manual with information on the pendulum´s characteristics, the properties of it, the different positions of the pendulum and ways in which you could use it. It is not a manual intended to be a course in Dowsing. The document is in PDF, English and has 40 pages in A4 format.


Recommended to

We recommend this pendulum to intermediate, advanced dowsers. You can read more about our classification of our tools in accordance with the dowsing level of the practitionner through this LINK. Remember you are improving your dowsing skills the more you practice so, keep on checking your levels, you will be surprised at how much you improve with constant practice, when exercised with know how and efficiency.







  • Pendulum in beech wood, round shape painted blue. Measures aprox: 30mm Weight aprox 40 gr
  • Manual in PDF English A4 format pages: 40.




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