The Sword of Truth pendulum


Pendulum+Basic Manual PDF. English


The Sword of Truth pendulum

Sword of Truth pendulum created by Pura Presencia and manufactured by BAJ Laboratory.

A dowsing tool to help us in our sessions to cut with all the false, codes, false, non-beneficial, obsolete information.

The sword of Truth aligns us with true Love, true Truth, true Power, true Light, true Grace and true Wisdom. These five vibrations have a strong resonance due to the inner charge inside the pendulum also emiting the Pure Centering Vibration.

Uses of the pendulum

The pendulum can help us in sessions where we need to cut toxic ties, such as attachment ties, cords, energy vampirization ties, when we need to dismantle subtle oppressive structures, or else dismantle structures of black magic or similar.

It can also help us when we need to resonate with the Truth when asking questions, or when we are working in dowsing with projects in which confusion reigns and we suspect that dense forces are interfering.

Likewise, the Sword of Truth pendulum connects us with the value and courage we need to be our authentic selves in a world of constant challenges. We can establish protections through dowsing commands and this pendulum that allow us to protect our aura, our physical, energetic and spiritual integrity and sovereignty without disconnecting from life and the blessings we receive when we are receptive to them from our true essence.

Connecting with the Sword of Truth can help us enhance the natural radiation of our essence, when we recover our center and remember who we authentically are.

The Sword of Truth pendulum has been created for seekers (and finders) of Truth as well as defenders and protectors of it. A tool that evokes the great spiritual “warriors” of all times, the nobility of the heart awakened and aligned with the utmost integrity.


Radiesthetic colors present:

The two dominant radiesthetic colors in this pendulum are electromagnetic white, negative green in its most benevolent form.

Likewise, due to the internal charge of remedies, we find the Pure Centering Vibration that emits spiritual gold and helps us to stay focused on our cosmo-telluric axis, enhances our connection and reconnection with Source.


Recommended to

We recommend this pendulum to intermediate, advanced dowsers. You can read more about our classification of our tools in accordance with the dowsing level of the practitionner through this LINK. Remember you are improving your dowsing skills the more you practice so, keep on checking your levels, you will be surprised at how much you improve with constant practice, when exercised with know how and efficiency.






  • White Karnak Makro pendulum in beech wood
  • Size: 165mm. Weight 40gr
  • Basic manual in PDF, English format A6 pages 34
  • Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its future owner/user. To do this, in the NOTES section when making the purchase, indicate the name, surname and date of birth of the person.




Additional information

Weight 40 g


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