The Corona Virus (meaning the Virus of the Crown) has arrived at a time where many of my clients are having issues with their crown chakra due to facing blockages, disconnections from their higher aspects and negative guides coming in which can be seen as a symbolic reflection of a type of virus affecting the upper energy field and our connections, including our Source/God connection.

Normally whenever a global catastrophe is named, there is a symbolic connection on a microcosmic level to what happens to us on a smaller scale of things as reflected by this virus and the issues of the clients we have worked with since this situation surfaced on the media.

From within Baj-Pendulos Spain collection of pendulums here is a list of tools that can help you work with the negative consequences of this virus on an energy level:

-Chaga, a powerful inmune system booster, a high vibrational fungi and a pendulum filled with Pure Centering Vibration which centers and helps us connect to Source.

-Roses Pendulum, a vibration highly protective used in ancient times to help in cases of the plague.

-Green+/Zinc pendulum

-Regen,supporting the regenerative function of our system

-Body Cleanser pendulum

-The radiestethic colors White and Ultraviolet electromagnetic can help in this situation as a general rule but one might need to perform an individualized study to treat this case, as each person is different.

Check your higher connections, the state of your higher chakras, your connections to your guides.

You can help yourself with our Manual Dowsing and Subtle Attacks

We offer you this number prepared bioenergetically to help protect you to a maximum level in case of a close encounter with this virus. You can wear the number with you, recite it as a mantra ( a minimum of 10 times in a row 4 times a day, total 40 times). You can charge water by placing a glass of water over the number.

Please remember that these bioenergetic solutions are not substitutes to proper medical care and the caution we all need to take to avoid a viral contamination.

Please remember that fear lowers our vibes and that a lowering of our vibrational levels is an open door to the denser energies and infectations. Vibrate in Love and Gratitude.


Barbara Meneses

Por último recordad que el miedo nos baja las vibras y que las vibras bajas nos abren a lo denso. Son matemáticas sencillas. Vibra en Amor y en Gratitud.

Barbara Meneses