7 Chakras pendulum set


Pendulum set+Manual+Dowsing chart PDF, English


The 7 Chakras pendulum set

(One pendulum transformed into a powerhouse to harmonize individually  each of the 7 main chakras+ wooden box+Manual and Dowsing chart in PDF, English)

We have created this set to work dowsing balancing, nourishing, harmonizing the seven main chakras in humans and animals by means of an Isis Osiris 7+2 pendulum where the last Osiris head is replaced by one of the 7 Osiris heads each one holding an internal charge of specific remedies for each one of the chakras,  (placing the head of Osiris of the selected chakra at the tip, we benefit from the power of the Isis batteries and the penetrating ability of the Osiris heads)

With the set we can use the dowsing manuals and protocols that we have created by analyzing each of the chakras and that can be purchased separately.

Likewise, we can work according to the training in dowsing that we have received in:

-Monographic sessions dedicated to empowering, harmonizing, balancing, activating ONE specific chakra

-General sessions where we carry out specific interventions in one or several chakras as part of the session focused on other objectives such as: prosperity (solar plexus chakra for example), creativity (second chakra for example), studies (third eye for example).



The set is composed of an Isis Osiris 7+2 and 7 Osiris heads with an internal charge of ingredients to balance, harmonize, nourish and work at a deep level with the chakra system. Each Osiris head to be mounted as the last Osiris head on the pendulum has a chakra coding as follows: C1 for the root chakra, and C7 for the crown chakra.

  When we work with the Isis.Osiris 7+2, we can work at a more penetrating and radiating level due to the properties of the Isis and Osiris radiesthetic shapes or wave form shapes.

The set also comes with a PDF Manual in English with basic instructions and information on each of the seven main chakras and also with a dowsing chart to help us measure and select which combination will work best in a given session.



We recommend the series of Manuals with dowsing protocol and sheet for each of the chakras. You can see it in the following LINK



We recommend this SET of pendulums to intermediate-advanced dowsers. To see more about our classification of levels of practice click HERE.


LEGAL NOTE: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for the medical care required by those who suffer or suspect that they have a clinical condition.





Total weight of the set: 548 grams

  • Isis-Osiris pendulum 7+2 beech wood Measurements approx: 17cm height. Weight 70g approx.
  • 7 heads of Osiris coded with C1, C2, C3 to C7 corresponding to root chakra, second, etc.
  • Wooden box: measurements: 25.5 cm long by 12.5 cm wide by 5.8 cm high
  • Simple manual in English PDF format A6 pages 55
  • Dowsing sheet in English PDF, A3 and Ansi Format B formats
  • Possibility to attune the set to its future owner (indicate your name, two surnames, date of birth in the NOTES section when ordering.




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Weight 598 g


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