Svadhisthana, the second chakra Manual


PDF Manual and Dowsing sheet chart in English


 Svadhisthana, the second chakra manual

In this manual we address the analysis of the dynamics related to this second energy vortex of our chakra system, corresponding to our emotional and vibratory center, our creativity, our sexuality and our relationships with everything around us.

This energy center is crucial for everyone and especially for dowsers because dowsing fundamentally uses “clairsentience” the great sense corresponding to this chakra.

Suffering blockages, imbalances in the energy of this chakra or having difficulties in the phase of growth corresponding to this chakra, our first youth, we can block the perception of our feelings and hinder our access to the intuitive information that we could access if we enjoyed greater clarity in this energy center.

The manual deals with the analysis of the main dynamics that affect this chakra and through a Dowsing Protocol with more than 70 questions, we can establish a Profile of the second chakra of our clients or ourselves and with the results, prepare our sessions of harmonization of chakras focused on what we have discovered in our research.

Main aspects connect to the second chakra

  • Sexuality
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Creativity


Dowsing sheet

The Manual is accompanied by a dowsing sheet in PDF in A3 and Ansi format B formats in order to facilitate navigation between the Protocol and the bioenergetic solutions proposed in the manual to help the correct and harmonious flow of the energy of this important and vital energy center.


The content of this manual can help us to prepare face-to-face and/or tele-dowsing sessions focused exclusively on working with the second chakra, or we can occasionally use some of the elements of this protocol to make specific corrections in the context of general sessions or sessions with others. purposes such as: sexuality, relationships, creativity.


Ideal pendulum

We have created a Pura Presencia Second Chakra Pendulum which you can find HERE






  • Manual in PDF, English format A6 pages 94
  • English PDF sheet. A3 and Ansi Format B formats





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