Animal Dowsing set of labels


26 physical labels+PDF Manual+PDF Dowsing  sheet charts, English


Animal Dowsing set of labels

(Manual+26 physical labels+Dowsing sheet of charts, PDF English)

Set of labels to work with the Metutelet Pendulum (Hebrew Pendulum) to help our companions through Animal Dowsing, especially those species that live with us, that is, the so-called by some “domestic animals” or “pets”.

The set consists of 26 resistant fabric labels that are each prepared with codes and frequencies to emit a special radiation defined by the title of each label. With these 26, we have believed to cover most of the general needs that an animal companion could have throughout its life with us, covering birth, different aspects of its life and even support during its transition (death).

The labels have been created with the utmost affection and respect for the animal kingdom as an offer of energetic support that is always complementary and never a substitute for the veterinary care that our animal friends require when we suspect that they have a condition that requires the intervention of animal health professionals.



We have created a specific label to facilitate animal communication, which is an art and process that requires your time and skill. We hope that this label empowers and helps those starting out in that “art” of listening from the heart to animal needs and that it facilitates the process for the most experienced.



We have also included, in the form of a label and one of the sheets that we offer with the set, help to work on the search for animals. We all know how complicated it is to look for an animal that is moving, nervous, injured or afraid. Through this offer, we hope to make the task less difficult although we know that not all of us have this “gift” of searching and locating animals. May this serve as a modest help in that direction!



The set comes accompanied by a PDF manual, in English, with information about the set, the specifications of each label, ideas on how to use them, dowsing commands. The set also comes with a series of dowsing sheets where we can select the labels we need in a session based on the animal’s needs and measure other interesting parameters to conduct the dowsing session in the best possible way. We have also added some images that can serve as witnesses of the animal when we work in teleradiesthesia, that is, from a distance without immediate contact with the animal’s aura.



This set has been created to work with the Metutelet Pendulum, also called the Hebrew Pendulum. The size of the labels has been created to fit the size of the Metutelet that we sell, but the labels are suitable for ALL HEBREW PENDULUMS, regardless of their size. Don’t worry if your pendulum is smaller or narrower and the label overlaps. The important thing is not that the title of the label is read because the radiation that is emitted when the label is used together with the pendulum is that of the entire surface of the label without distinction of whether it is overlapped or its ends mounted on top of each other. .

You can find our version of the Metutelet Pendulum through this link.





You can use the Neshama label set to energetically clean the labels of this set, although you will also find other options for this in the manual.





  • 26 physical labels in special cloth
  • A PDF Manual in English pages 75 in A6 format
  • A 5 pages Dowsing sheet of charts in formats A3 and Ansi format B



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