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Pendulum Ascension + Manual in English PDF+ Optional attuned to user

The Ascension pendulum has been designed to accompany the Online Dowsing for Ascension Course available on this page in the Courses section. We have thought that those who work on a spiritual level and contemplate the possibility of a personal and planetary-galactic Ascension might want to work with a dowsing tool specifically designed to help us in this evolutionary process.

The Ascension pendulum has different characteristics that make it a very powerful light tool. The sphere allows us to radiate the Ascending light frequencies and the Osiris head has penetrating qualities in order to work with the energy field of our clients by means of the carrier wave of information holding the Ascending energies.

Inside, the pendulum has a charge or filling with physical, energetic and spiritual ingredients that generate the Pure Central Vibration that we study in our Level 2 Online Course on Mental, Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing . A vibration that helps us align ourselves in our cosmo-telluric axis, connects us with Source and emits spiritual Gold at a subtle-energetic level, vibrations that raise and center us at the same time, without ungrounding us or unbalancing us. It also has ingredients that enhance our connection with our higher subtle energetic anatomy (equivalent to superior energy vortexes above the crown chakra).


Ascending Light

The pendulum has been initiated with the frequencies of the Ascending Light which is an aspect of the Divine Light that is detected when working energetically through the Ascension process. This Ascending Light helps us to raise our vibrational frequency and raise what we focus on (A glass of water, food, spaces, crystals etc).


Pendulum properties and uses

⇒In Mental Dowsing: To ask questions

⇒In Vibratory Radiesthesia: Combining the load of the pendulum, the Ascending Light and our intention and dowsing commands that we formulate based on our specific objectives.

Possible areas of application depending on the training that each dowser has received:

  • We can use it to ask questions (Mental Radiesthesia), especially related to the Ascension process, as it has an affinity with everything related to it
  • We can use it in Vibrational Dowsing to transmit the energy of the internal charge of the pendulum and the Ascending Light.
  • We can use it in cleansing the aura (combining the filling inside of the pendulum, the Ascending Light and our intention and dowsing commands that we formulate)
  • We can use it in cleaning spaces, Space Clearing, habitat harmonizations to lift the vibrations of the space and align them to our ascensional path, harmonizing our space with our Ascensional process.
  • We can raise the vibrational frequency of the areas where we focus, combining our intention and the vibrations of the pendulum
  • We can charge remedies, sprays, crystals, spaces with the vibration of the Ascending Light
  • We can work (those who know how to do it) with our body of Light, subtle bodies, layers of the Aura
  • We can work with meridians, subtle channels (those who know how to do it at the dowsing level)
  • We can work to harmonize ourselves in relation to our ascension process at the dowsing level
  • We can work on the points described in our Online Dowsing for Ascension course
  • We can work with the pendulum in spiritual dowsing, combinations of dowsing and spirituality for those who know how to do it or work with the pendulum the spiritual dimension of human and animal beings.
  • We can work with the pendulum helping the planet in its Ascension process, those who have a vocation to help in that process.
  • Due to the shape of the pendulum and its properties we can work on recoveries of fragments of the Soul, a shamanic process known by that name (Not described in the manual).


Ascension pendulum Manual 


The pendulum is accompanied by a simple 36-page PDF manual in A6 format so that those with some dowsing experience can start working with it. The manual is NOT a course in dowsing and is intended to be. We recommend that those who work with pendulums train properly.

The Ascension pendulum can be more used with the content of the Online Dowsing for Ascension Course, since all or almost all the actions suggested in the course can be worked with this pendulum.


Pendulum attuned to the owner

We offer to attune the pendulum to the user /owner of it. For this to be able to be offered, we need your full name and date of birth either sent by email as soon as you place the order or else writing it in the area alocated for NOTES when placing the order.


Pendulum recommended to:

We recommend this pendulum to intermediate-advanced dowsers. To see more about our classification of levels of practice click HERE.


LEGAL NOTE: Dowsing is NOT a substitute for the medical care required by those who suffer or suspect that they have a clinical condition.




The Ascension pendulum was created to work with the information provided in our Dowsing course for Ascension, check it out HERE





  • Beech wood a Pura Presencia creation made by BAJ
  • We can attune the pendulum to its owner if you write your name, surname and date of birth in the NOTES section when making the purchase.
  • Manual in PDF 35 pages, A6 format in ENGLISH





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