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Aura, the Celestial body manual + dowsing sheet of charts PDF, English


The celestial body of the human aura is part of the three most transpersonal auric bodies of the person. Depending on which tradition we follow, they will consider the Causal body to be the highest, either the Celestial or the Christic body. However we consider it, the celestial body is part of the most transpersonal bodies of the subtle anatomy of the human being.

This body connects directly with the concept of Heaven or “the heavens”. These skies can be luminous, or rather be in the hands of dense forces, the kingdom of Darkness with its celestial hierarchy. Therefore, it is important that we verify the vibratory state of this body and the connections it has to these different celestial spaces, in such a way that we avoid unwanted interference by involutionary forces that seek to sabotage us and divert the reception of the divine blessings that we receive. of the heavens, precisely through the celestial body.

The manual seeks to analyze the different dynamics that can affect the celestial body and in the form of a protocol with questions and answers listed in the appendix and in the dowsing sheet, it proposes solutions to help harmonize and release this body.

This is one of a series of 7 manuals in which we analyze the seven main auric bodies in order to perform dowsing sessions and help these bodies in ourselves or in the people with whom we work.

Manual recommended to:

We recommend this manual for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK






In this LINK you will find the remaining manuals that make up the series on the bodies or layers of the human aura.




  • PDF Manual in English format A6 pages 67
  • Dowsing sheet of charts in PDF English formats A3 and Ansi Format B




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