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Manual The Aura: Mental Body PDF, English

(Manual+Dowsing Sheet PDF)

In a series of seven manuals, we address the main layers or bodies of the human Aura to analyze the dynamics that impact or affect this body and from dowsing provide solutions to harmonize said bodies, in this case the mental body, the third layer of the aura. closest to the body, after the etheric layer and the emotional layer.

This layer of the aura is, together with the emotional one, one of the most vulnerable in the human being due to the intense mental activity it presents and the great possibilities of imbalance and disharmony due to the constant bombardment of information, codes, frequencies directly directed at our mental.

The Manual is made up of basic information about this layer of the aura, bioenergetic information and a protocol with more than 55 questions with solutions and dowsing commands that can help and inspire us in our dowsing sessions focused on cleaning / harmonizing the aura.

Along with the manual, we offer a dowsing sheet also in PDF to help us navigate through the protocol questions and the extra information that we can obtain in the Manual’s appendix.

This will allow us to carry out sessions focused on this auric body or make specific corrections within the framework of sessions focused on other aspects such as a session on relationships or creativity, abundance, work, among others.

Who is this Manual for?

  • We do not recommend this manual for beginners in dowsing.
  • We recommend the Manual to intermediate and advanced level practitioners
  • More information about our category of levels in this LINK






  • Manual in PDF English, format A6 pages 83
  • Dowsing sheet chart in PDF English, A3 y ANSI format B




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