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Manual PDF, Dowsing chart PDF English


Aura: the emotional body Manual and Dowsing sheet chart PDF, English


We address in a series of seven manuals the main layers or bodies of the human Aura to analyze the dynamics that impact or affect this body and from dowsing provide solutions to harmonize said bodies, in this case the emotional body.

The emotional auric layer, also called the “emotional body” is the second closest layer to the human body, immediately after the etheric layer or body. Due to its importance, the emotional layer is fundamental in dowsing as this body is directly connected with one of the most important and at the same time less known branches of dowsing: Physical or Vibrational Dowsing.

The emotional body is very sensitive and connects us directly with FEELING. In dowsing, we use clairsentience, the intuitive ability to perceive reality through feeling. This capacity corresponds to the feminine side of every living being and sadly, in the case of humans, our feelings have been highly disturbed by the excessive mentalism of the societies and cultures in which we live.

The emotional body, in addition to reflecting the traumas that we as a human species have experienced in this or other spaces, can also reflect the catastrophes and painful traces of the planet we live on, as well as our lineages and transgenerational trees.

The manual addresses the main dynamics that we need to attend to in relation to the emotional body and through a dowsing protocol offers the possibility of developing a profile of the client or of ourselves in which we analyze the energetic state of the emotional body in question to finally propose solutions that from dowsing we can provide to help harmonize this auric layer (or body).

Dowsing sheet of charts 

The Manual is accompanied by a dowsing sheet in PDF, Spanish in A3 and Ansi Format B formats that will allow us to navigate through the protocol questions and find answers included in the Appendix of the document.


Who is this Manual for?

  • We do not recommend this manual for beginners in dowsing.
  • We recommend the Manual to intermediate and advanced level practitioners
  • More information about our category of levels in this LINK




Synergy with other manuals or dowsing charts

This manual can also be used in alliance with the following documents available on our webpage:




  • Manual in PDF, English pages 79 format A6
  • Dowsing sheet charts in English, PDF, formats A3 and Ansi format B




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