Aura, the Christic body Manual


PDF Manual and Dowsing Sheet chart in English


Aura, the Christic body Manual and Dowsing sheet with charts PDF, English

In this manual we address the sixth auric body that we propose to study and analyze in this series of 7 manuals on the main layers of the human aura.

The Christic body is an auric layer that is part of the great causal body, in its highest spheres, in the spiritual dimension. It is true that there is not much consensus around these nomenclatures for auric bodies and that, depending on the tradition we follow, we will find other names to refer to the same bioenergetic reality. This body is also called the Buddhic body.

Due to the power of the information that has surfaced when analyzing this auric body, we consider that this is a manual for advanced dowsers who are used to working in their practices with dense and dark energy, in a safe and effective way. Therefore we DO NOT recommend this manual to beginners or intermediate practitioners in dowsing or people without experience in dealing with dense forces on subtle planes.

The manual deals with the analysis of the Christic body with the bioenergetic dynamics that we consider to be the main ones when analyzing this body. Without being an absolute truth, we have tried to offer information about this body that can help us solve the main challenges that we can find in dowsing sessions in relation to this aspect of the subtle anatomy of the person.

The manual contains explanations, a protocol with questions to ask that will help us analyze the vibratory state of the person’s Christic body, as well as proposed solutions, including examples of dowsing commands to help us in the session.

Likewise, the manual is accompanied by a dowsing sheet in PDF that can help us navigate through the protocol questions and the answers contained in the appendix.

We remember that these documents are NOT dowsing courses and we understand that those who acquire them already have adequate training in dowsing to be able to take advantage of these documents in a personal capacity.


Warning: the content of the manual is absolutely respectful of all spiritual traditions, but if a person professes a faith framed exclusively in a specific sacred book, they may feel cognitive dissonances in relation to this material.



  • We do not recommend this manual for beginners in dowsing nor intermediate level dowsers
  • We recommend the Manual to advanced level practitioners people with practice clearing effects of Darkness
  • More information about our category of levels in this LINK



Aura series:

In this LINK you will find the remaining manuals that make up the series on the bodies or layers of the human aura.

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  • PDF Manual,  in English, 70 pages A6 format
  • Dowsing sheet with charts formats A3 and Ansi format B in English



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