Manual Aura, the Etheric Body


Manual+dowsing sheet chart PDF, English



(Manual+Dowsing sheet chart PDF, English)


We address in this manual the layer or etheric body, which is the closest to the surface of the human body. This manual forms part of a series of 7 documents on the auric bodies which you can find in our Manuals section

The etheric body at a bioenergetic level is very important because it represents the last subtle layer (or the first depending on how you look at it) before the physical manifestation of all the dynamics reflected by the body-mind-spirit of the person or animal.

In certain information related to the cabalistic tradition, this body would be connected with the sefira Yesod, representing the moon, astral influences, a sefira that acts as a “funnel” and through which either the blessings of the subtle planes descend, or the rigor and harshness of negative karma. Like a revolving door, this dimension prior to incarnation in the manifest world (Malchut) would act as a brake or an incentive for the flow of the highest subtle vibrations towards our physicality. If we accept this information to help us in our dowsing sessions, we understand the importance of working with the etheric body to prevent blockages that imoair the correct flow of this vital force.

The manual contains information about the etheric body, a dowsing protocol with questions that will help us establish the vibratory state of the etheric body of the person/animal we are analyzing, and an appendix where we can find additional information that will help us prepare our dowsing session to harmonize this subtle body.


  • We do not recommend this manual for beginners in dowsing.
  • We recommend the Manual to intermediate and advanced level practitioners
  • More information about our category of levels in this LINK







  • Manual PDF English format A6 pages 54
  • Dowsing sheet of charts English, format A3 and Ansi format B




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