Aura, the Astral body Manual


A PDF manual and Dowsing chart in English

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Aura, the Astral Body Manual with Dowsing chart in PDF, English

This manual forms part of a series of practical Dowsing working documents in order to help us navigate through the layers or bodies of the aura understanding their different bioenergetic dynamics and providing a dowsing protocol with probing questions and possible solutions to help our clients or ourselves either in sessions performed in person or else in teleradiesthesia.

The Manual has 100 pages, in A6 format and comes along with a Dowsing chart which allows us to navigate through the lists provided in the Appendix of the manual in order to tailor our Aura clearing, healig or harmonizing sessions.

Who is this Manual for?

  • We do not recommend this manual for beginners in dowsing.
  • We recommend the Manual to intermediate and advanced level practitioners
  • More information about our category of levels in this LINK







  • PDF Manual in English, 100 pages A6 format
  • Dowsing chart in PDF English, formats A3 and Ansi format B




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