Dowsing relationships: the Mother


Manual and Dowsing sheet of charts in PDF English


Dowsing and Relationships Series Manual: The Relationship with the Mother

(Manual and sheet in PDF, English)

With this first manual, we begin a series of Dowsing and Relationships where we will explore some of the most important relationships that human beings have. We can say that everything in life is a relationship but in this series we will focus on the most important bonds that a person can establish throughout their life.

We honor the figure of the Mother with this first manual of the series because she is the portal of incarnation of every being on this MATER-ial plane.

Analyzing the mother’s relationship means that we adopt the perspective of children and the analysis is actually one in which we will seek to understand the type of conflict between mothers and their children. We speak in the negative because in a dowsing manual, obviously, we are not going to need to harmonize what is already harmonious, beautiful, balanced. We will focus on discovering those dynamics that make our relationships difficult or challenging.

The topic is complex and multidisciplinary. We have tried to cover in a general way most of the situations, dynamics that we can find in therapeutic or bioenergetic dowsing sessions to help raise awareness (through access to the information that we will obtain from the protocol questions and the lists of options of the appendix) and if we can intervene, through the pertinent actions, that at an energetic and dowsing level allow us to help harmonize the relationship.



The manual contains general information about the mother, a protocol with questions and an appendix with lists of options that will allow us to establish the type, nature and vibratory quality of the relationship between the mother and the child whose relationship we analyze at a dowsing level.

We have not wanted to condition the search for answers by sticking to some of the best-known approaches such as Constellations, Biodecoding, but rather, we have left the options open so that through the protocol and the lists in the appendix we can get as close as we can to discover the underlying dynamics. most common in the mother-child relationship.

Along with the Manual, we offer a 2 pages dowsing sheet that only contains the quadrants of the option lists in the appendix, which will allow us, once our Subconscious has been programmed after reading the appendix and the protocol, to find the answer to our questions by using combination of the plate and the listings in the appendix.

Manual recommended to:

We recommend this manual for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK






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  • Manual in English PDF format A6, pages 150
  • Double sheet (2 pages) of dowsing in PDF, English A3 and Ansi B formats (only contains quadrants with numbers and letters, to be used in conjunction with the appendix of the manual)





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