This list allows you to see on a single page all the manuals that we have released in English (We have these same manuals in Spanish). We will try to update it as we add new titles. Remember that our Online Courses also have manuals as well as many of our specific pendulums but those are NOT included in this list. At the bottom of this page you have a dowsing quadrant to ask if the manual you are thinking of buying will benefit you/your sessions in the short, medium and/or long term. An affirmative answer to those 3 questions is a big YES.

Our manuals are not intended to be dowsing courses, so we recommend that you train properly to better take advantage of these documents. We recommend our Level 1 and Level 2 Online courses in Mental Dowsing. Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing.

Please do not share these documents through Online piracy, thank you for your integrity. It takes an enormous effort to create these documents and it is our way of living. 



A serie of manuals in PDF, English with dowsing sheet of charts and a dowsing protocol to help work with the seven main auric bodies or layers of the aura in bioenergetic sessions.



A series of manuals in PDF English with dowsing sheet of charts to work in depth with the seven main chakra centers of the human subtle anatomy.



A series of documents result of dowsing procedures found out through dowsing sessions in order to provide inspiration to other dowsers.



Manuals that do not belong to a specific series which address vital and crucial information for our dowsing sessions pertaining to different subjects such as attachment cords, energy vampirism, dowsing in time, integration of missing fragments, toxins, timelines and much more. Some manuals come with a dowsing sheet of charts and others not.




Help yourself to dowse if a particular manual may be beneficial to you, your client´s sessions, in the short, medium and long  term. If affirmative on all three you´ll be on the “winning” side of your dowsing practice!