Vishuddha manual, the throat chakra



Vishuddha manual, the throat chakra

(Manual with protocol and dowsing sheet in PDF, English)

The dynamics reflected by this chakra are extremely important for all activities of human life. We could say that about all the main chakras, but the throat chakra is crucial for expressing ourselves from our essence, sharing our desires, aspirations, needs with others, and establishing healthy bonds with relevant people in our reality.

At the dowsing level, we work a lot on this center when we pronounce dowsing orders or commands with power and personal sovereignty. In this or other lives, many of us have seen this center completely suffocated by the weight of karma. of the non-beneficial actions and consequences of the use/misuse of this center. We have seen how the powers to be wanted to dominate us by restricting our verbal expression. Many of us have even died from causes related to the neck, throat, loss of our tongue and speech.

It is time to help this vital energy center.

In this manual we address the main dynamics that affect and unbalance the throat chakra. We do so through a client profile with more than 40 essential questions and we offer dowsing solutions that can help us resolve what we find in our dowsing research.

We can use this manual as an important step by offering individual sessions per chakra, or combine work with this manual and chakra with the other manuals in the 7 chakra collection.

Who is this Manual for?

In our typology, we understand that this manual is aimed at people with an intermediate, intermediate-advanced experience in dowsing. You can read more about this classification in this LINK.







  • Manual in PDF, A6 format, pages 66
  • Dowsing sheet in PDF, ENGLISH A3 and Ansi Format B formats (European and US printing formats).



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