Dowsing Key 08: Dowsing paradigms


Manual in PDF, English


Dowsing Key 08: Dowsing paradigms

PDF, English.

We address in this new Dowsing Key the importance of testing the influence of paradigms in our lives or the lives of our clients or people with whom we work and their impact on us or them.

If we want to flow in life, to be open to new opportunities, to expand in all areas of our life, we need to analyze the impact that paradigms have on us. A periodic review that will lighten our dynamism, the luminosity of our auras and will help us to live in the here and now with higher levels of empowerment and sovereignty.

An important key with simple but powerful solutions according to the work already done with this parameter in bioenergetic sessions.

The manual contains information about the paradigms, their bioenergetic implications and solutions within our reach as dowsers, relevant questions to ask and an appendix with lists to facilitate the search for answers.


Manual recommended to:

We recommend this manual for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK





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  • Manual in PDF, English A6 format pages:45


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