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From curses to blessings, a dowsing approach

(A PDF Manual with Dowsing sheet of charts, in English)

This has been a very interesting manual to write and with the work we can do analyzing the curses and blessings that we have active in our lives, we can make important transformations in all areas.

This manual arose from a meditation and a subsequent contemplation of the implications of curses and blessings fom a dowsing/radiesthetic perspective.

The spiritual traditions of the world contemplate in one way or another the blessing and the curse as benevolent or highly toxic radiations that can influence everything in our lives, from our opportunities, our health, prosperity, the harmony of our relationships, the activation of our gifts and talents etc.

The empty space of blessings is subtly occupied by the influence of curses, either those that we generate due to the force of our actions, or because we receive the negative impact of those that correspond to other influential people in our life.

Analyzing the Blessing/Curse dynamic and discovering how we attract benevolent or toxic radiation can shed a lot of light, understanding and awareness that will later lead to the decision to change direction in our lives to improve things.

This manual can be very useful to discover the influences, consequences, ways in which we attract blessing and curse into our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Dowsing sheet

The manual is accompanied by a dowsing sheet that allows us to navigate through the answers we obtain when working with the protocol included in the manual and the lists with options in the appendix. This will allow us, if we are dowsers with experience in conducting sessions, to develop the necessary work plan based on the information received thanks to the protocol.

Manual recommended to:

We recommend this manual for intermediate and advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK





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  • Manual in PDF, English format A6, pages: 109
  • Dowsing sheet of charts in PDF, English Formats A3 and ANSI Format B





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