Dowsing Trauma bonds Manual


Manual&Dowsing sheet chart in PDF, English


Dowsing Trauma bond Manual

(manual and Dowsing chart in PDF, English)

“Trauma bonds” are strong ties created among people due to a traumatic situation affecting one or both persons. They are at the root of many of the difficulties in freeing oneself from forms of control and manipulation by malignant narcissistic personalities, psychopaths and other types of abusers. These ties are not only connecting victims and abusers but also persons who were tragically connected to one another due to life circumstances.

When it comes to abuse, these ties that often arise in childhood between the “victim” and the adult figure who establishes them through bonds of love/abuse remain latent until they are reactivated at specific moments in a person’s life.

The consequences of this type of toxic ties are very harmful for the person who suffers from them from the perspective of the “victim” of manipulation.

Detecting them in dowsing sessions can make it easier to resolve situations that we were unable to resolve on an energetic level because the presence of these traumatic bonds made it difficult.

In this manual we analyze this important question and offer a protocol of questions with answer options in the appendix as well as dowsing commands that can help those who are called to work with the subtle energetic implications of these traumatic bindings.


Dowsing sheet of charts

The manual is accompanied by a PDF dowsing sheet that only contains quadrants with titles and numbers to allow us to better locate the answers in the appendix of the manual. For optimal use of this way of working, it is recommended to do a first reading of the protocol with questions and the lists with answer options in the Appendix, programming our Subconscious to retain all the points that are going to be read.

Manual recommended to:

We recommend this manual for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK






  • A Manual in PDF, English format A6 pages:67
  • A dowsing sheet of charts in PDF, English  (only numbers and letters to go with the Appendix of the Manual) formats A3 and Ansi format B





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