Dowsing Energy Vampirism Manual


Manual and Dowsing sheet in PDF English


Energy vampirism Manual and Dowsing Sheet PDF, English

To have our energies stollen or vampirized is a reality. This toxic exchange of energy happens between people, between persons and entities, persons and animals, even persons and living spaces and objects, between persons and institutions, groups to name a few.

In this working manual with a Dowsing protocol, we analyze the forms in which our client (our yourself if you perform a self treatment) has been energetically vampirized, by whom and what are the causes, consequences and the type of energy that is being stollen from him or she and the possible solutions that we can provide him.

The manual comes along with a Dowsing sheet that will help us navigate through our dowsing research in order to assess the problem and find out the solutions within our reach.

It is worth becoming aware of these unwanted energy losses for they can cause us great problems in our lives in terms of difficulties regenerating our vitality, having enough resources to thrive in life and even to evolve in our conscious path of Spiritual evolution and Ascension.


This is another great tool for Pendulum healing work and also to raise awareness in our clients of habits, attitudes that open the door to this type of toxic energetic exchange.




  • Manual in PDF English format A6 pages: 79
  • Dowsing Sheet PDF English formats A3 and Ansi Format B
  • Copy for the buyer only please do not contribute to the piracy of our material, thanks.




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