Dowsing Key 09 Healing in the past


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Dowsing Key 09: Healing in the past

A dowsing key that will help us to harmonize in the past situations that affect us today.

We know that it is a controversial title, because what does it mean to heal? And how is it possible to travel in time to the past to solve an event?

Only those who are aware of that possibility are capable of traveling in time, or of traveling in this case to the past. For the rest, it is just another fantasy, an illusion that they discard with their minds.

However, there are long-standing spiritual traditions such as the Kabbalah that do consider it feasible to carry out those harmonizations that in some cases are called “resets.”

In this manual, in a simple way, we explain how we can do it at a dowsing level as well as analyzing other elements in those “trips” to other times and spaces.

We use the word “heal” in this manual, knowing that what we are really doing is harmonizing. Healing is self-healing and it is the person who does it with the help, perhaps of the facilitator of a process such as dowsing. It is the conscience of the person involved (client or oneself in self-treatments) that “heals” from the negative consequences of events, conclusions, decisions that he or she made or that others made for him or her).

We know that this topic can make rivers of ink flow but we wanted to simplify and make it short and concise. Of course there are more nuances and we can expand, but with this, we can start the process and grow with practice.

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