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Empower your Destiny with this pillar of stability, strength, symbol of regeneration and immortality

The Pura Presencia Djed pendulum has been created inspired by the classic Egyptian form of the Djed, a pillar of stability, strength, resurrection and immortality, considered by some as a protective amulet and by others as an instrument of harmonization and even absolute realignment of our destiny.

The Djed is intimately associated with the story of Osiris, his death at the hands of his brother Set, and his miraculous resurrection at the hands of the Goddess Isis, representative of the Great Mother.

The symbology of the Djed is very rich in secrets that we will reveal in the manual that accompanies this pendulum without having fully revealed the infinity of messages that this enigmatic shape hides.

We can say that we intuitively perceive the Djed as being a portal of divine energy, light and consciousness that, in contact with the places where they were erected in the past, sought to generate stability, regeneration, revitalization, abundance, prosperity and cosmic protection. it is also a symbol of sovereignty of standing tall in one´s own true nature and radiance.


Properties of the Pura Presencia Djed 

  • By its shape: The Djed reproduces harmonic properties of the classic shape present in the architecture and art of ancient Egypt. It resonates with Osiris and the number 13 associated with transformation through resurrection.
  • By its content: Inside, the Djed has a series of high-quality ingredients, an alchemical composition with ingredients that come from Egypt and that contain and generate the Pure Centering vibration, a vibration that aligns us, centers us, reconnects us spiritually with our Source and emits the radiation of spiritual Gold.
  • By its energetic symbol: the Djed has an invisible symbol with the Knot of Isis that acts as an electromagnetic protector helping to maintain the cosmo-telluric balance so necessary to stabilize, strengthen and regenerate our system.
  • By the intention of its creation: The Djed has been created as a pendulum through which we can work to straighten out our destiny by eliminating, cleaning, purifying the obstacles that block us, especially the obstacles of negative astral forces.

Uses of the Djed 

In the ancient Egyptian tradition there was a “raising of the Djed” ceremony. For some it was associated with the birth of the new agricultural year, since Osiris was also considered the God of the vegetation, of Nature. This ceremony was held in Djedu, in the Nile delta, and could thus give rise to the name of the Djed. But this ritual was also reproduced in works of internal alchemy through which the resurrection process of Osiris was revived, through the reunification of his body (fragmented into 14 pieces), his mind and his Spirit, thanks to the magic of his wife Isis.

The Djed and the concept of rising and resurrection has many correspondances such as the fragmentation of our Soul upon entering the world of matter (the kingdom of Seth) and how the Spiritual initiate has to re-member (reunite its fragments) through the union of the sacred masculine and sacred femenine represented both by Osiris and Isis.

All of this is also present in the symbolism of the Tree of Life and the Descent and Ascent of Spirit and our incarnated self.

With the Djed Pendulum, we can therefore:

  • Work focused on our spine undoing knots, crystallizations, obstacles to the flow of energy and light in order to raise our vibratory frequency.
  • Help in working with integration of fragments
  • Help returning to Oneness, unity within
  • Reconnection with our true essence, centering pilar of Oneness within
  • Work on the subtle channels: meridians, nadis, central channel cleaning, purifying, regenerating
  • Work on chakras that we test need the power and properties of Djed
  • Work with dowsing commands focused on areas of the aura where we perceive blockages, resistance, sabotage that “twist” our destiny
  • Work with witness papers focusing on objectives that we want to achieve, eliminating resistance, blockages, crystallization, strengthening our motivation and our drive to succeed.
  • Work charging an area of ​​energy and life force by combining the use of the pendulum with specific commands.
  • Neutralize the negative charge of the influence of the seven main astral-star bodies that affect the human being: sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter.
  • Help balance the space in which we live, placing the pendulum in the ideal location for it and/or using it with specific dowsing commands.
  • As a harmonizing object of the space, testing what would be its ideal location for this purpose in our space and placing it with the correct intention for it.
  • Others: we will discover all new uses of the pendulum as we work with it.



Manual in PDF

The pendulum comes with a 70 pages English PDF Manual with information on the shape of the Djed, the properties of the Djed, an interpretation of the mysteries that we have been able to discover about the Djed and examples of using this tool to get started in the discovery. of its management, with dowsing commands for help.


Dowsing sheet in PDF

The pendulum also comes with a dowsing sheet with which we can work in tele-radiesthesia (Dowsing at a distance) with the spine and other references to the information included in the manual.


Possibility to attune the pendulum to its owner

As an offer, we can tune the pendulum to its future owner, for this we need you to write us your name, two surnames and date of birth in the NOTES section in the shopping cart. Otherwise we understand that you do not want the tuned pendulum. There is no need to tune it, we have just found that there is a greater affinity between the pendulum and its owner.



We consider this pendulum to be for an intermediate to advanced practitioner. To better understand the classification criteria in levels of our material, you can read the following LINK.







  • Beech wood pendulum manufactured by BAJ with design and inner components by Pura Presencia
  • Measurements approx: 13cm high (wood part)
  • Manual PDF format A6 pages 70 English
  • Dowsing sheet PDF A3 and Ansi format B English
  • Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its future owner: to do this, write us your name, surname, date of birth in the NOTES section in the shopping cart. (If not, we understand that you do not want it tuned. It is not necessary to tune it but it can help create affinity).



Additional information

Weight 101 g


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