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  Meridians pendulum

Original idea of Pura Presencia, manufactured by BAj, the Meridian pendulum has a charge of internal remedies to help us work with:

  • The 12 acupuncture meridians, according to Chinese tradition
  • The two conception/governor vessels
  • The wonderful vessels

The meridian pendulum has an internal charge with the Pure Central Vibration that we study in our dowsing training and that allows us to emit the vibration of spiritual gold, a radiation that centers us, reconnects us with the Source and aligns us on our axis, a very stable vibration, revitalizing and in itself regenerating on multiple levels.

With the pendulum we can work bioenergetically with the meridians according to what we have learned in the training that each of us has received.

In general, the basic functions that we can use in terms of energy work with meridians can be summarized in a simple way as:

  • Facilitate the correct flow of the subtle channels called meridians
  • Enhance harmonization between the different channels, associated with the different functions according to the Chinese theory of the 5 elements.
  • Stimulate, tonify and sedate acupuncture points as needed (those who know how to do it due to their training).
  • Eliminate blockages when the need for radiesthetic intervention in meridians or acupuncture points is detected.
  • More: other actions depending on the training and experience of each person in the combined use of dowsing and meridians and acupuncture or acupressure points.



The pendulum comes with a basic Manual in PDF English with information on the characteristics of the pendulums and basic ways to use it.The manual is NOT a course in Meridian dowsing. We do work with the Meridians in our Level 2 of our Dowsing training.



  • Beech wood pendulum
  • Basic Manual PDF English A6 format pages: 23
  • Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its new owner (leave us name and surname, date of birth in the Notes section when making the purchase)




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