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English, PDF Dowsing chart


Triple page Dowsing sheet chart GRATITUDE, PDF English

This sheet can help us determine when, where and how we need to activate the radiation of gratitude in us to enhance our best desires, goals, aspirations. Gratitude is a mental approach (mindset) as we mentioned in the sheet of Mindsets but given its high vibrational quality, we have believed it is important to create a sheet that allows us to measure, test, detect, discover our levels of gratitude and what type of focus of gratitude we should have in order to achieve our goals in all areas of our life.

The sheet will surprise you with the resources it offers us to activate this spiritual vibration of pure white Light in unusual ways.

The sheet can help us create sessions related to objectives, goals and gratitude. It will provide our clients with important awareness regarding this very primordial vibration or the lack of it in their lives.

The sheet is accompanied by some simple explanations about each quadrant. It is not a dowsing course. We assume that the practitioner knows how to use dowsing charts and quadrants to ask questions, obtain answers, and create his or her own dowsing session based on the information obtained.

Dowsing sheet recommended to:

We recommend this document for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK







Triple sheet in PDF, English A3 and ANSI B formats (print authorization only for the buyer). 3 pages
Basic instructions in PDF, English A4 format, pages 6.

IMPORTANT: This sheet is NOT a dowsing course, it is assumed that the person is a dowser and knows how to use this sheet thanks to the training they have received. Printing permission for personal use by buyer only.




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