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Double (2 pages) Dowsing chart PDF English+Instructions


Dowsing sheet charts Life Lessons (PDF, English)

The purpose of this chart´s sheet is to help us in our dowsing sessions or other therapies in which we perform measuring tests to discover what Life lessons we need to learn, review, update, integrate, understand in order to overcome a specific challenge that we may face.

On the sheet we will find different dowsing quadrants that will allow us not only to find the Life lesson in question but also:

• Discover what we have to do in relation to that lesson, how to best approach the lesson.

• What people or aspects of ourselves (or of the “client” if we are therapists) are involved in that lesson.

• What time period affects that lesson, or else when did we left aspects of the lesson unlearned?

• What possible interference prevents, hinders, delays, paralyzes or blocks the integration and upgrading of that Life lesson for us (our clients).

• To what degree have we learned, integrated, activated, updated that Life lesson?

• In what area of our lives does this lesson currently has a higher priority application?

All this will allow us to have a greater understanding of what we are experiencing in our reality.

We can do individual sessions where we only work focused on Life lessons, or we can include Life lesson analysis to specific sessions where we discover that the client needs to discover something in relation to the session. For example, we could be working on a Career /Work (Job) session and discover that there are Life lessons that have not been learned or updated by the client. Thus, we will incorporate the results we obtain by formulating the questions about the Life lessons into our Work or career session.

Life lessons

Some people may feel that the concept of “Life Lessons” is only relevant depending on their beliefs as to why they are incarnated in this time and space. If you think that you are a fully evolved, awake, enlightened, fully sovereign and free being, perhaps you do not consider that you have “lessons” to learn, review, live, update.

For those people who do consider that all Life experience entails learning processes and that no matter how enlightened they are, there is always room to improve, deepen their understanding and improve the skills and resources that we acquire through practice and experience, this sheet can help. .

The Life lessons based on our belief system about who we are, what we do here and what is the purpose of our existence can be:

• Goals that we set ourselves before incarnating to experiment in the world of matter
• Unlearned, unfinished lessons from past lives that we now seek to overcome in order to grow in experience, maturity as Souls or as multidimensional beings.
• Lessons derived from karma from previous lives.
• Simple growth processes of a Soul in its evolutionary process
• Desire to learn, experience in the world of matter what is perhaps already known in other more subtle planes.
• Parts of our Life or Soul purpose because we will be teachers and guides to help others in their transit through those same lessons.
• Other personal possibilities that depend on the choices of each one.

Our idea of “Life lessons” can change as we progress in Life, so it is not essential to have absolutely clear ideas to benefit from this sheet.

Who can benefit from this chart?

All types of Dowsers, from beginners to more advanced. For more information about our “levels”  of Dowsing practice please read the following LINK.






  • Dowsing sheet of charts in English, PDF, formats A3 and Ansi format B
  • Basic instructions for the chart in PDF, English



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