Empath Pro Pendulum


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Empath Pro Pendulum

A pendulum manufactured by BAJ from an original idea Pura Presencia™, Barbara Meneses

We have created a specific pendulum to help empathetic people protect their energy field from the bombardment of vibrations, energies, information coming from others, from the collective unconscious, and that often overloads and baffles people with special sensitivities.

“Empath Pro” (Empathy Pro), is a term with which we want to indicate the two main characteristics of this pendulum that contains a load of powerful ingredients of high spiritual voltage for:

→ “Pro” as in Protecting the auric field and personal sovereignty of the person by deeply purifying their energy system and their body of light

→ “Pro” as in “practicing” or expressing empathy as a “pro” without falling into the “vices” of a misunderstood empathy, which is one in which we unnecessarily and dangerously open ourselves to absorb and carry the density and burdens of the other, at the expense of our own energetic and vital health.


  • By its shape:
    The pendulum has two classic shapes used in dowsing: the round sphere and the head of Osiris, which allows us to perform two actions: spherical radiation and penetration into the aura or wherever we focus to work with the pendulum.


  • For its content:
    The interior of the pendulum contains a load of physical and energetic-spiritual ingredients that are of maximum voltage at the level of purification, cleansing of our subtle system providing a lot of centering, (Pure Central Vibration), Divine light and ingredients that protect, strengthen, clean, they purify the human and animal aura.


  • For its radiesthetic colors:
    The dominant radiesthetic (base) color of the pendulum is WHITE, a universal harmonizing color. Another dowsing color present is the electromagnetic Negative Green in its safest aspect, which gives us the ability to transmit dowsing commands with great efficiency. The ingredients within the pendulum emit the radiation of spiritual Gold among other high vibrations.


  • By the intention of its creation:
    The pendulum has been created with the intention of helping people who are sensitive, hypersensitive, empathic or who open up too much to others without being able to protect their auric field and absorb the energies of others like sponges. The intention is that with practice, the person can train himself to better protect his own space and to practice a healthy and healthy empathy without falling into the vices and defects of a “misunderstood” empathy, the one in which we sacrifice ourselves for the others at the energetic level.



The pendulum has the potential to support us in the following areas:

  • Aura cleansing
  • Aura purification (the difference between cleansing and purifying is that we purify the soul aspect of the aura and we clean the bioenergetic aspect of the subtle field)
  • Energetic and spiritual protection for sensitive people
  • Empowerment of personal sovereignty
  • Establishment of healthy borders between people (own space)
  • Improvement of the grounding, centering, alignment of the person in his cosmo-telluric axis
  • Improvement of the person’s spiritual connection with himself, with his higher aspects, with Source
  • Release of dense energy, overload in the aura of foreign material that has not to be processed but released,
  • Others: we will discover new uses as we all work with this new tool.



The pendulum comes with a manual in PDF, English with basic instructions to get started in the use and management of this tool. The Manual is NOT a substitute for proper dowsing training that users of these tools must have.



As an offer we can attune the pendulum to its new owner, for this we need that when making the purchase, in the NOTES section, you provide us with the name, surname and date of birth of the future owner of the pendulum. (If you don’t, we understand you do NOT want the pendulum, tuned, and will ship it, untuned. Attuning the pendulum is not required, but our customers find it has a greater affinity for the tool that way.)


This pendulum can be used by all types of Dowsers according to all levels of dowsing. You may want to read more on our different classification in accordance to the dowsing level of each practitionner READ HERE. This is not aimed at compairing or limiting someone but to help make the best choice of tools in accordance with one´s current “level”. Of course we are all open to improving, the more we practice, the more we improve 🙂







  • Beech wood pendulum, manufactured by BAJ, design, charge and original idea Pura Presencia. Measurements: 12cm height and 6cm widest part. Weight 60 grams
  • Manual PDF English basic instructions. 26 pages A6 format.
  • Possibility to tune pendulum to your user write us in the Notes section in the shopping cart with your name, surname, date of birth.


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