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The Master Detox Bioneutraliser pendulum

The Master Detox Pendulum has been created to fulfill one of the most critical functions in our dowsing sessions, often ignored or minimized by therapists: the energetic preparation of our clients’ physical and psycho-energetic toxin elimination system for release these often crystallized dense accumulations.

Properties of the Master Detox pendulum

By its shape:

The pendulum has a shape that combines the classical structure of pendulums such as the Osiris head and the sphere. The combination of both facilitates the work of elimination, neutralization of dense energy as well as the transmission through its internal charge of the remedies that enhance the work of this pendulum.

By its internal charge, filling, content:

The Master Detox pendulum has a series of remedies specifically combined to facilitate the neutralization, elimination, extraction of dense energy derived from the physical-energetic toxins that accumulate in our organisms (animal, human and living space). Among the most powerful ingredients is the Clinoptilolite Zeolite from volcanic lava of maximum purity, capable of neutralizing and transmuting toxins in the body, alkalizing it to high potency levels. Other ingredients enhance the bio-neutralization capabilities of the pendulum’s internal charge. The ingredients included in the pendulum have a great alkalizing power. Another powerful detox ingredient is the highest grade of Marine Phytoplankton known to support the detox of heavy metals and purify the blood.

By its Radiesthetic colors.

The dominant base dowsing colors of this pendulum are WHITE and POSITIVE GREEN, universal radiations of the so-called “healing” and purifying ones. Positive Green is the radiation of Nature, capable of transmuting and regenerating itself naturally. The Pendulum contains a strong charge of Pure Central Vibration that generates Spiritual Gold and contains a highly purifying formulation that facilitates the work of transmutation of toxins on a very physical and energetic level.

By the intention of its creation:

The Pendulum has been created with the intention of facilitating the process of liberation, elimination, neutralization, transmutation of physical-psycho-energetic toxins in people, animals, living spaces, enhancing the alkalinity of the systems, the elimination routes.



Pendulum uses

  • To work with him in our dowsing workspaces BEFORE our sessions (preparing the room)
  • To work with him on self-treatments BEFORE starting our sessions
  • To work with him DURING our sessions with clients facilitating their process of elimination, neutralization, release of physical and psycho-energetic toxins
  • To work with him AFTER our sessions to ensure that the space has been free of subtle energy toxins.
  • To work with him AFTER our sessions ensuring that we as therapists have been free of impregnations derived from the release of toxins in space by the client AND ourselves during the session.
  • In Spaces Cleaning sessions (See our complete Online Spaces Cleaning course)


Other uses:

Volcanic lava is a sacred substance of Mother Earth that comes from her entrails. Just as with the Chaga Pendulum we have found that we access the Ancestral Wisdom of the Earth, with the Master Detox Pendulum, connecting with the power of Lava, we can access the primal Wisdom of the Earth, then we can use the pendulum and its internal charge to :

  • -Nourish our Earth element (from fire and water that volcanic lava generates) and all the minerals and trace elements that lava contains
  • -Communicate with the Ancestral wisdom of the Earth (if we have that shamanic and channeling-connection capacity)
  • -Facilitate grounding, connection to the Earth element
  • -By resonance, access, connection to the Goddess Pele connected with the volcanic force.
  • -Charge (filling) of herbal remedies, liquids to create compositions that help orally at the energy level to enhance the toxin release system.
  • -Connect with the Earth’s ability to regenerate.


Manual in English, PDF

The pendulum comes with a simple manual with BASIC instructions and information on how to use this tool. It is not a course nor does it replace the training in dowsing required by those wishing to work with pendulums.

The Manual is in PDF format A6 pages 42, IN ENGLISH. (If you enter our part in English, you will have the manuals and Dowsing chartsin English,but if you enter through the Spanish side you will have the manuals in Spanish, pay attention to the language in which you will see the things written in the shopping cart in our store).



Together with the Master Detox, we have created a Dowsing and Toxins Manual that expands the information contained in the manual provided with the pendulum. The Dowsing and Toxins Manual is accompanied by a Double Dowsing Sheet in PDF that facilitates the work of locating accumulations of toxins.

Likewise, the Manual Keys to Dowsing 2 how to release Blockages and traumas can complement this reading on Dowsing and Toxins because the release of blockages is always accompanied by the release of toxins, both go hand in hand and it is convenient to be able to work both dimensions in one session.




Legal Notice: Dowsing and dowsing material are NOT a substitute for the medical care required by those with a clinical condition.



We recommend the use of this pendulum to practitioners of an intermediate and advanced level. For more information on our classification of pendulums and Dowsing practitioner levels, please visit these pages: Dowsing tool level    and Dowsing practitioner level








  • A BAJ Pendulum in Beech Wood
  • Measures approx: 12cm height. Weight aprox: 60gr
  • Manual Master Detox Pendulum in English PDF format A6 pages 42
  • Manual Therapeutic pendulums of Pura Presencia in English PDF, A6 format



A BAJ  Pura Presencia ™ product handmade with Love and Conscious Awareness for the highest good of All including Mother Earth



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