Dowsing The Will chart


Dowsing sheet of Charts PDF, English


Dowsing sheet of charts: Dowsing the Will

A 4 pages PDF document in English formats A3 and Ansi format B

The will to want to heal, to want to achieve our best goals can be elusive when compromised by blockages and other personal, transgenerational, etc. dynamics.

With this sheet we intend to help the community of dowsers to find the causes for which a person or group of people see that their will falters when it comes to carrying out projects, reaching goals or starting the steps towards achieving them. The sheet in its quadrants also proposes solutions for the therapist and the client in order to recover the personal will of the person with whom we work in our sessions.

The sheet comes in PDF, in English and in two printing formats A3 and Ansi Format B.

Accompanying the sheet we have included a document with basic instructions that is not a dowsing course because we assume that whoever acquires this sheet already has sufficient notions to know how to get the best out of this sheet.

Dowsing sheet recommended to:

We recommend this document for intermediate to advanced level dowsers. More information about our classification in levels of dowsing practice in this LINK







  • Dowsing sheet of charts in English, PDF, printing formats A3 and Ansi format B (4 pages)
  • Basic instructions explaining the different elements of the chart (Not a course in Dowsing)




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