Essene, the higher chakras pendulum


Pendulum+Manual PDF, English


Essene, the higher chakras pendulum

(Pendulum+Manual in PDF, English)

A pendulum with a strong resonance with the Essene tradition to help us activate the higher chakras above the crown chakra, that is chakras 8,9,10,11,12,13,14th and beyond) in order to tap into the highest Universal energy and Light frequencies and codes that we may need at this time to take ourselves to our next level in our current evolution and journey.

The Essene tradition is a lineage of light bearers who prepared the incarnation of Yeshua and other light beings into this plane of existence. When creating our first tools with the Essene vibrations, we saw Enoch, Hanoj, who was at the core of the White brotherhood teachings, transmitted to many different traditions in the world. Enoch later became Archangel Metatron.

When talking about higher chakras or basic chakras, we are speaking in terms of “human” conventions so that we can categorize the multiple vortexes of energy that we can find in the human anatomy (also in the animal and in the Earth body). We focus on 7 higher chakras that are related in a different octave to the 7 basic chakras that we all know, starting from the root at the base of the spine and moving up to the crown at the top of the head).

Each chakra as described in the manual that comes along with the pendulum has different focuses and we can inspire ourselves in this information to tailor our sessions and work with this tool and not only the higher chakras but also the basic chakras as there are clear correspondances between these two ranges of chakras.

Purpose of the pendulum

  • Activate the higher chakras (7-14th)
  • Clean, clear, purify the higher chakras
  • Stimulate the basic 7 chakras (1-7th) witjh new light, universal life force energy
  • Remove blockages, implants, structures of oppression found in the higher chakras and upper layers of the aura
  • Tune into the Essene tradition with their light and frequency codes and be inspired (meditating with the tool, requesting, focusing intention)
  • Clear, purify, strengthen enhance axiotonal lines and other energy path ways in our higher anatomy)
  • Infuse our homes, crystals, stones, living space with the higher energies that we can tap when using the pendulum to uplift.
  • Others: use your intuition for more uses.



The pendulum comes with a Manual in PDF, English 54 pages in A 4 format with explanations on the characteristics of the pendulum, information on the higher chakras, examples of use, care and cleanse of the pendulum and information on the Essenes. The manual is not a course in dowsing we presupose that you have already received dowsing lessons and that you know how to create for yourself therapeutic dowsing sessions for self treatments or working with others.

Attunement of the pendulum

As an offering, the pendulum can be attuned to its owner. This will enhance the affinity between the person and the pendulum but it is not necessary. If you wish so, please write your full name and date of birth in the Notes section upon placing the order.


Recommended to

We recommend this pendulum to intermediate, advanced dowsers. You can read more about our classification of our tools in accordance with the dowsing level of the practitionner through this LINK. Remember you are improving your dowsing skills the more you practice so, keep on checking your levels, you will be surprised at how much you improve with constant practice, when exercised with know how and efficiency.






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  • Beech Wood Pendulum Measurements approx. 12 cm height x 5 cm width. Weight approx 70 grams.
  • PDF manual, English 56 pages A4 format
  • Possibility of attuning the pendulum to its new owner (leave us name and surname, date of birth in the Notes section when making the purchase)




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Weight 70 g


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