Ho’ oponopono dowsing chart


3 pages Dowsing chart in PDF, English


Ho’ oponopono dowsing chart, PDF, English


We have created this sheet to facilitate those people who work combining dowsing and the Hawaiian process of conflict resolution via forgiveness and reconciliation popularly known as “Ho’ oponopono”.

Although we have a specific pendulum, with a specific way of working and an Online course where we delve into dowsing work with Ho’ oponopono and that tool, in this sheet we have created a general document for people who work in various ways with Ho’ oponopono and modern variants or developments of this process, such as the inclusion of “trigger words.”

The sheet allows us to select from various vibration-medicines which radiation we need depending on the problem/challenge we face, it allows us to select what type of relationship requires help in order for us to return to balance, harmony and peace in our relationships, what type of memory or issue we should work on using Ho’ oponopono and what would be the most effective way to do it from a list of general options.

We hope that this sheet facilitates, streamlines and allows us to more quickly detect the needs that we may have both on a personal level in self-treatment and in therapeutic sessions to accompany others.


We mainly recommend the sheet to people familiar with the Ho’ oponopono process (which is neither taught nor described in this document) who also have a medium, advanced level in dowsing. For more information on our classification of levels of dowsing practice please read this entry on our BLOG.




This sheet can complement the work with the Ho’ Pendulum and provide an extra boost to the Online dowsing course with the Ho’ pendulum.





  • 3 pages Dowsing sheet of charts in PDF, English formats A3 and Ansi B. Only one buyer authorised to print and use these documents.
  • Document with a description of each quadrant, PDF, English format A6.



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